I Would Recommend him Very Highly and Without Reservation.

Chad Kritzas was one of the best realtors with whom we’ve been associated in over 40+ years of buying and selling homes. The home we just closed on today was in a waterfront location we had discovered in coastal RI in early December, and he proactively sought out a seller of a home he thought  might be soon coming onto the real estate market. Chad was instrumental in interceding on our behalf to seek out the seller and initiate a dialogue, discussion, and showing of the property. Chad is a consummate professional, whose knowledge and expertise were very much important factors in helping to successfully consummate a fair purchase. He was always responsive, cordial, and well informed, and advocated for us every step of the way from negotiating the original P&S, to today’s closing. On top of everything else, Chad is a personable and engaging individual whose personal qualities mirror his strong work ethic, and vigilant attention to detail. I would recommend him very highly and without reservation.