Not Our Usual Haunt: Top 5 Haunted Places to Visit in Rhode Island 


The State of Rhode Island holds a rich and colorful history. Its land and architecture tell the tales of bones from hundreds of years ago, some of which are quite haunting. Whether you are a true believer of the ghostly afterlife, or a skeptic with an interest in the past, these are just 5 of the most haunted places in the smallest state that you can visit.

1.  You may know famous literary poet Edgar Allen Poe from the land that he called home, Baltimore Maryland. But did you know that he supposedly lingers in the afterlife in this state? Though he never lived in Rhode Island, Poe met and became engaged to Sarah Helen Whitman, a fellow poet and resident of Providence. The two were known to meet at The Providence Athenaeum on Benefit Street, not far from Whitman’s home until she called off their engagement. 


To this day, visitors can take guided tours of the many places that they would frequent in their short-lived romance. Firsthand tales from those who have reported seeing figures dressed in period clothing at the Athenaeum and believe it to be the tragic couple reunited in the afterlife.

2. On the subject of prolific American writers, did you know that one of the most famous classic horror literary writers lived in Rhode Island. At Swan Point Cemetery in Providence, you can visit the grave of Howard Phillips (H.P) Lovecraft, father of the Cthulhu Mythos. On his small grave marker reads the inscription “I am Providence.”


Fans of the writer who come to gather on the anniversary of his passing have said to have felt his presence with phenomenon such as random weather changes and cackling during ceremonies in his remberance. Beyond Lovecraft, there are also reported sightings of Union Army soldiers roaming around the historic plot.


3. When fact turns to Hollywood, the line can get blurred. Some tales, however, pale in comparison to the truth. In Burrillville Rhode Island, you can find the most famous real-life horror that inspired the movie “The Conjuring.” During the 1970’s a family moved into a home in the Harrisville, to later learn it once belonged to a Satanist named Bathsheba who sacrificed her daughter to appease the devil. Tours and even overnight stays in this home are open to the public. Those who choose to stay the night must sign a waiver in the event that the activities become too intense.

4. We’ve told you about ghosts but what about vampires? Rhode Island was involved in a great vampire scare in the late 1800s due to an outbreak of Tuberculosis. For the citizens, it could only be caused by one thing–vampires. Many families succumbed to the effects of this illness including three members of the Brown family. When George Brown found his son in a sickly state, he believed that a family member was rising from the grave to drain the boy’s life. In sleepy Exeter you can find that resting place of 

the last exhumated “vampire” Mercy Brown. 

5. Built in 1673, the White Horse Tavern is stated to be the “oldest operating tavern in America.” Having in the past been a host to soldiers in the Revolutionary War, it’s no surprise that there may be a ghost or two.

It is frequently listed at the top of most haunted bars in America. Patrons have recalled the figure of a woman wandering the halls and the sounds of a child crying. Come see for yourself. If all else fails, you can get a great meal out of the visit!


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